This page documents the current status of building Jikes RVM with Classpath and a Free VM.



Setting up a JikesRVM build environment

The JikesRVM build now uses Ant so it needs some convincing to play with a local build of Classpath and your favourite VM. But first, make sure that you have a full copy of Ant installed (this includes two packages on Debian, ant and ant-optional).

You then need to create a fake JDK directory with the following:

/bin /bin/apt /bin/java /jre /jre/lib /jre/lib/rt.jar /lib /lib/tools.jar

*Note: test whether we need javac and rt.jar or not *

In the bin directory, java is a symlink to the appropriate VM. tools.jar is currently my work on IcePick (building Sun's tools separately from OpenJDK). The build fails with Classpath's tools.jar due to PR classpath/33385 and is missing apt anyway. apt is a simple wrapper script to run apt from this jar:

prefix=/builder/build/jdk datarootdir=${prefix}/share tools_dir=${prefix}/lib tools_cp=${tools_dir}/tools.jar

exec ${prefix}/bin/java -Xbootclasspath/p:"${tools_cp}" "$@"

The value of prefix needs to be the value of your new JDK directory.

Current VM Status

*Todo: Add more details *

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