This page pertains to the release of Classpath 0.96.

Released: 15th of October, 2007

Many thanks to all who made this possible.

Classpath 0.96




We are long overdue for a Classpath release, the last one happening in April (5 months ago). Although Classpath development activity has slumped since the release of OpenJDK, there are still patches on HEAD that should be pushed out in a release (most notably, bug fixes including support for building with javac correctly).

Mark Wielaard kindly described the release process sometime ago in ClasspathReleaseProcess. We should try and follow this procedure (ignoring the comments regarding the generics branch, which is dead as of December 2006).

Pending Tasks

Current Regression Status

Last regression run: 2007-10-04 18:06

Roman Kennke checked the AWT/Swing regressions. Four are nefarious, the other was fixed by a patch. Success of the SSL test seems to vary and fails on IcedTea.

Current Smoke Test Status

Branch Status

No branch needed.


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