This page tells you about the person that is currently maintaining this Wiki and his motives.



The is much work to be done on other parts of this Wiki. Please excuse me that self representation is at low priority at the moment. ;)


My name is Robert Schuster, I am studying computer science at the Freie Universität Berlin (Free University of Berlin). When its comes to computing my interests are Free Software and Java. Last summer I joined GNU Classpath in their effort to implement a set of Free core classes for the Java programming language.


In November 2004 I started a semester thesis that aims to enhance the efficiency of FOSS projects by defining and realising the role of the mediator. The planned enhancement should easily fit into the development model of Free and Open Source software and aims to have minimal impact on project members that mainly do programming. For more information about the mediation see the MediationMissionPage.


If you want to send me eMail directly use this: Robert Schuster. My login on savannah is  rschuster  and on IRC my name is  theBohemian .

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