OpenOffice 2.0 with GCJ 4 coordination

An effort from and

This page describes various outstanding testing tasks, feature requests and patches to fully integrate GCJ 4 during the build and runtime for 2. If you are working on a task please add your name after it (plus a date on which you hope to finish). Please feel free to add addition tasks that you think are important to track.

Contact with any problems you might have following these instructions. Thanks.

Features using the java programming language to test

Please work as closely as possible together with the team. Ideally this page is just the start of an effort that gets completely integrated into the normal openoffice qa process.

Read the mailinglist and others that might list more subtasks to test. Some inspiration for the list below came from the article 2.0 and the FOSS community

The following list is still too high level. It needs to be broken down into repeatable, small steps.


As far as I know there are no issues with:

  1. compile
  2. dependency on propriatory classes

HSQLDB uses a code switcher and excludes various classes when compiled for JDK 1.3. This option may be used if necessary. Also, when used within OOo, the JDK 1.4 features such as nio are not essential.

HSQLDB's gui tools that are part of the default build are not required when used with OOo. However if the AWT database manager can be included, it will be useful for hacking into the embedded database. See CVS /hsqldb-dev/build/build.xml for different options. We welcome patches to this or any other file.

Please use the HEAD of hsqldb-dev module, as we have made several changes and bug fixes.

For runtime testing purposes, independently from OOo, you can use the tests in the org.hsqldb.test package.

Please report any issue to the normal channels at and state that you are working on this project.

Fred Toussi Maintainer, HSQLDB Project

Outstanding bugs

Bugs for GCJ 4 are archived at

Bugs for Openoffice 2 are archived at

Some distributions have their own bug databases (see below). (Action item. Create META bugs for easy tracking.)

The following list should be checked against the above bug databases (mostly from

* gcj PR 17463 has been fixed, but I don't know if any corresponding fix was done to OOo. This might be an item.

* Why do gcj and db4 not play well together? This would be great to find out. Just yesterday I heard this complaint in another area, wikipedia:

See also

Outstanding patches

Patches that should still be applied (see also building instructions below)

See also


TODO See 2.0


Building and Installation

Maybe your favorite GNU/Linux distribution already has packages, see below.


See you may want to get the 4.0.x branch from CVS since that contains some extra fixes not yet in the released GCC 4.0.

TODO quick step-by-step guide


TODO 2.0

TODO download? TODO Explain building from CVS vs testing against latest release

TODO explain JAVA_HOME, ant, java-gcj-compat

Alternatively see the Unofficial OpenOffice Hacker's guide for 2.0.

Older build instructions. Need updating with for building with GCJ 4.


Track which GNU/Linux distributions will be shipping OpenOffice 2.0 with GCJ 4 and whether they have started on the packaging effort. What is their contact address, what are the issues they are facing, which distribution specific patches do they have, etc.

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