[cp-patches] RFC: Fix for PR27128

Olivier Jolly olivier.jolly at pcedev.com
Sun Apr 23 17:21:27 UTC 2006

  this patch makes sure that the UnmodifiableMap.entrySet() result can't 
be used to change the wrapped map using toArray() or toArray(Object[]). 
It does so by recreating a resulting array using UnmodifiableMapEntry, 
which has been extracted from the inner class used as return value in 
the iterator method of UnmodifableEntrySet.
  However, I find this solution quite bulky and inelegant. If anyone is 
thinking of a cleaner way, please shout on me.

2006-04-23  Olivier Jolly  <olivier.jolly at pcedev.com>

  * java/util/Collections.java(UnmodifiableMap.UnmodifiableEntrySet.
  UnmodifiableMapEntry): New Map.Entry implementation which is immutable.
  UnmodifiableMap.UnmodifiableEntrySet.toArray(Object[])): Used 
  as part of their return value.

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