[cp-patches] RFC: qt-peer: remove INIT_LOAD_LIBRARY

Tom Tromey tromey at redhat.com
Thu Jun 1 21:58:43 UTC 2006

>>>>> "Boris" == Boris Du¡ek <borisdusek at cmail.cz> writes:

Boris> according to
Boris> http://developer.classpath.org/pipermail/classpath-patches/2006-May/002443.html,
Boris> there is now no need to check for INIT_LOAD_LIBRARY in gtk-peer
Boris> because of some gcj change, so I assume that's the same case
Boris> for qt-peer.  I send the patch that removes the check from
Boris> qt-peer (there is only 1 such check).

Boris> Please comment if you know whether this is needed. Thanks.

The only question is where the java side of the Qt peer code is placed
in the libgcj build.  (It is kind of lame to have INIT_LOAD_LIBRARY
floating around just for libgcj... but I suppose it isn't a very big
maintenance burden.  Or does IKVM use it too?)

Right now it looks like the Qt peer code is still put into a separate
library.  So, the INIT_LOAD_LIBRARY check is still needed.  However, I
think this ought to change... maybe Tom F. could fix the build like he
did for the Gtk peers?  Otherwise I will try to remember to do it when
I return from this trip.


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