[cp-patches] [jessie-nio] merge scatter-gather NIO support

Casey Marshall csm at gnu.org
Fri Jun 2 00:16:50 UTC 2006

On Jun 1, 2006, at 3:07 PM, Tom Tromey wrote:

>>>>>> "Casey" == Casey Marshall <csm at gnu.org> writes:
> Casey> Hi, I've merged Michael Barker's scatter/gather NIO patch to  
> the
> Casey> jessie-nio branch. I had intended to do a more complete  
> merge of HEAD
> Casey> into the branch, because a lot has changed since I  
> originally made
> Casey> the branch, but it really doesn't seem like it's worth the  
> effort to
> Casey> do that. Good NIO support is something we do need on this  
> branch,
> Casey> though, so I'm taking that code.
> I saw your blog entries on this topic... not much time to reply right
> now, but basically there are 2 ways that people address this problem.
> One way is to do merges, either using cvs commands (which is a little
> tricky, and means tagging the branch-from-which-the-merge-comes at
> merge time so that subsequent merges start at the right place).  This
> is probably in a cvs cookbook somewhere.  Another way is what Andrew
> H. apparently uses (I never asked :-), namely generating patches by
> hand and applying them to the branch.  Kind of painful.

Yeah, I eventually did come to the conclusion that what I wanted was  
possible with CVS, but beyond what I'm prepared to do (or probably  
even capable of doing).

> The other way is to just give up and make a new branch.  This was
> pretty common in gcc land.  Actually in gcc land people did evil
> things involving moving branch tags (this lets you re-branch but keep
> the old branch name).  I'd prefer we not do that though.

I don't anticipate needing a lot from the rest of Classpath in  
working on jessie-nio, and nor do I anticipate any problems with  
merging the JSSE parts back from jessie-nio to the trunk (it's pretty  
isolated, and I don't think anyone else needs to change it right now).

If I do find that I need more than what I have, I will just make a  
new branch. I won't re-name any tags, and will likely branch again at  
most once.

> svn (or really any newer VC system) is definitely nicer for this sort
> of thing.

I do wish that Savannah would support SVN.

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