[cp-patches] RFC: qt-peer: remove INIT_LOAD_LIBRARY

Thomas Fitzsimmons fitzsim at redhat.com
Fri Jun 2 15:05:52 UTC 2006

Tom Tromey wrote:
>>>>>> "Boris" == Boris Du¡ek <borisdusek at cmail.cz> writes:
> Boris> according to
> Boris> http://developer.classpath.org/pipermail/classpath-patches/2006-May/002443.html,
> Boris> there is now no need to check for INIT_LOAD_LIBRARY in gtk-peer
> Boris> because of some gcj change, so I assume that's the same case
> Boris> for qt-peer.  I send the patch that removes the check from
> Boris> qt-peer (there is only 1 such check).
> Boris> Please comment if you know whether this is needed. Thanks.
> The only question is where the java side of the Qt peer code is placed
> in the libgcj build.  (It is kind of lame to have INIT_LOAD_LIBRARY
> floating around just for libgcj... but I suppose it isn't a very big
> maintenance burden.  Or does IKVM use it too?)
> Right now it looks like the Qt peer code is still put into a separate
> library.  So, the INIT_LOAD_LIBRARY check is still needed.  However, I
> think this ought to change... maybe Tom F. could fix the build like he
> did for the Gtk peers?

Yes, I wanted to do this as a separate patch for the sake of clarity, but I had 
planned on doing likewise for the Qt peers.  I'll do that today.


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