[cp-patches] FYI:htmlAttributeSet fix

Audrius Meskauskas audriusa at bluewin.ch
Tue Jun 6 12:56:05 UTC 2006

This patch fixes the noticed bug: the set, returned by the 
htmlAttributeSet.copyAttributes looses the previously added keys if they 
are not strings.

2006-06-06  Audrius Meskauskas  <AudriusA at Bioinformatics.org>

    * gnu/javax/swing/text/html/htmlAttributeSet.java
    (clone): New method. (copyAttributes): New method.
    (getResolveParent): Comment fix. (getAttribute):
    Rewritten. (addAttribute): Rewritten.
    * gnu/javax/swing/text/html/SmallHtmlAttributeSet.java:
    New file.

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