[cp-patches] [generics] Patch: RFC: import jsr166

Jeroen Frijters jeroen at sumatra.nl
Thu Jun 8 08:34:57 UTC 2006

Tom Tromey wrote:
> Jeroen> Tom Tromey wrote:
> >> * A sanitize-jsr166 script which is run on a pristine download in
> >> order to remove copyrighted code and to change sun.* references to
> >> the appropriate gnu.* references.
> Jeroen> Is there a (legal?) reason why we can't keep the 
> sun.* references?
> Nope.  When I initially was doing this we were still avoiding sun.*.
> But I think we're going to have to break that tradition for
> annotations (i.e., please submit your serialization thing).

OK. In that case I propose we keep the jsr166 classes the same and
implement the required methods of the two sun.* classes. This also
solves Mark's point (which I agree with) that the access check method
really doesn't belong in VMStackWalker.

Also, I've cleaned up my version of AnnotationInvocationHandler and will
post it shortly.

> The other issues is not letting user code reference the new APIs,
> which AIUI using gnu.classpath.* achieves.  But, that solution could
> be extended without much trouble.

Right. We can easily add sun.* to the list of banned packages.


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