[cp-patches] RFC: New events for JDWP

Keith Seitz keiths at redhat.com
Thu Jun 8 17:24:34 UTC 2006

Kyle Galloway wrote:

> ChangeLog:
> 2006-06-08   Kyle Galloway   <kgallowa at redhat.com>
>    *gnu/classpath/jdwp/event/ExceptionEvent.java: New File.
>    *gnu/classpath/jdwp/event/MethodEntryEvent.java: New File.
>    *gnu/classpath/jdwp/event/MethodExitEvent.java: New File.
>    *gnu/classpath/jdwp/event/SingleStepEvent.java: New File.

Need space between "*" and filename.

In general, all these things look quite good. They all share one major 
problem, though, I think: event filtering. According to my handy-dandy 
table of possible filters for events, ExceptionEvent, Method*Event, and 
SingleStepEvent can all be filtered using: CountFilter, 
ThreadOnlyFilter, ClassOnlyFilter, ClassMatchFilter, ClassExcludeFilter, 
LocationOnlyFilter, and InstanceOnlyFilter. [SingleStep can use one 
more, but that would not be part of this event class, I think.]

All I think you need to do is add an Object to the constructors of all 
of these that can be returned from getParameters. [Hmm. I don't think 
InstanceOnlyFilter is right, either. It should be able to use 
getParameter(Object.class) I think.]

The only other comment is that ExceptionEvents cannot be filtered by 
their caught locations: this location is only used for reporting it to 
the deubgger. So just drop all of that extra stuff.


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