[cp-patches] RFC: Small ComboBox fix

Francis Kung fkung at redhat.com
Thu Jun 8 19:07:43 UTC 2006

Sorry, sent that a bit early and forgot the changelog (and RFC:)

2006-06-08  Francis Kung  <fkung at redhat.com>

        * javax/swing/plaf/basic/BasicComboBoxRenderer.java:
        (getPreferredSize): Return correct height for null or empty 

On Thu, 2006-06-08 at 15:03 -0400, Francis Kung wrote:
> Hi,
> Came across a problem when painting a JComboBox with null or empty items
> in it; patch is attached.
> It's a bit of a workaround, but I think it's good enough (it's a rare
> case, so it's not worth hacking into the higher Component-level methods
> that the ComboBox inherits).
> Corresponding Mauve testcase is also being submitted on that list.
> Francis

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