[cp-patches] Patch: gcjwebplugin data directory fix

Lillian Angel langel at redhat.com
Thu Jun 8 21:45:19 UTC 2006

I fixed gcjwebplugin to determine the data directory at runtime, instead
of when the plugin is installed.

2006-06-08  Lillian Angel  <langel at redhat.com>

        * native/plugin/Makefile.am:
        Removed DATA_DIRECTORY.
        * native/plugin/gcjwebplugin.cc:
        Added new global fields for whitelist_file
        and data_directory. Removed WHITELIST_FILE.
        (NP_Initialize): Initialized new fields. Also,
        Changed to use new fields.
        (NP_Shutdown): Freed data_directory.
        (GCJ_New): Changed to use new fields.
        (plugin_ask_user_about_documentbase): Likewise.

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