[cp-patches] Patch for support of the GOST block cipher.

Raif S. Naffah raif at swiftdsl.com.au
Fri Jun 9 11:02:36 UTC 2006

hello Morgon,

On Thursday 08 June 2006 16:15, Morgon Kanter wrote:
> The attached patch adds support for the GOST 28147-89 block cipher.
> It works and is compatable with the canonical English implementation
> from [1], which I generated the test vectors that appear in the
> attached GOSTTest.java from.
> I'm pretty sure that there's no worry of regression here because I
> haven't actually changed any old code, just added new stuff. I've
> also written a Mauve test case, but for some reason it keeps timing
> out when testing all of the block ciphers, so I also wrote the
> attached GOSTTest.java which verifies that the thing actually works
> as specified by [1]. Test vectors therein were mostly generated by
> taking random bytes and hashing them for the keys and plaintexts
> (ciphertexts generated by [1]). Make sure to replace the S-Boxes in
> [1] with the ones used in this implementation if you're going to do
> your own verification, otherwise it's obviously not going to work.
> My copyright assignment isn't done yet (still waiting for the papers
> in the mail), so this probably shouldn't be committed yet.
> Changes:
> 	* gnu/javax/crypto/cipher/GOST.java
> 	* gnu/javax/crypto/jce/cipher/GOSTSpi.java
> 	* gnu/javax/crypto/jce/key/GOSTKeyGeneratorImpl.java
> 	* gnu/javax/crypto/jce/key/GOSTSecretKeyFactoryImpl.java
> 	* gnu/javax/crypto/jce/mac/OMacGOSTImpl.java
> 	Added for the addition of the GOST block cipher.
> 	* gnu/java/security/Registry.java
> 	* gnu/javax/crypto/cipher/CipherFactory.java
> 	* gnu/javax/crypto/jce/GnuCrypto.java
> 	* gnu/javax/crypto/jce/cipher/PBES2.java
> 	Updated with constants, methods, and classes to allow the
> 	use of the GOST block cipher.
> 	* gnu/java/security/util/Util.java
> 	(copyIntToBytes): added.
> 	(toIntFromBytes): added.
> [1] http://www.vipul.net/gost/software/gost.c

thanks for your contribution!

there's no hurry to check this in; i'll wait for your assignment papers 
to be signed before committing this patch on your behalf.

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