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Tania Bento tbento at redhat.com
Thu Jun 15 17:29:53 UTC 2006


In a previous mauve test, I changed 'focusable' to be set to false (and
not true) in AbstractButton.java.  However, for the past couple of days
I have been writing mauve tests and it should in fact be set to true and
only set to false by the other classes (JRadioButtonMenuItem,
JCheckMenuBoxItem, BasicArrowButton, and MetalScrollButton).  I will be
posting these classpath patches and mauve tests soon.  Can someone
please approve this modication to AbstractButton so that I can commit


2006-06-15  Tania Bento  <tbento at redhat.com>

        * javx/swing/AbstractButton.java:
        (AbstractButton): 'Focusable' should be set to true and not

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