[cp-patches] Re: RFC: Updated patch for PR27849 and related issues

Vivek Lakshmanan vivekl at redhat.com
Fri Jun 16 00:38:57 UTC 2006

Vivek Lakshmanan wrote:
> Hi,
> I am attaching a patch that follows the behaviour outlined in the JDK 
> javadoc for  javax.crypto.CipherSpi's engineInit methods. I have 
> already committed a test case 
> (gnu.testlet.gnu.javax.crypto.jce.TestOfCipherEngineInit) that models 
> this logic.
> Issues related to PR27849 have been addressed here. Comments are welcome.
> Thanks,
> Vivek
> Changelog:
Hmmm lousy cut and paste job! Fixed here...

2006-06-15  Vivek Lakshmanan  <vivekl at redhat.com>

	* gnu/javax/crypto/jce/cipher/CipherAdapter.java
	(engineInit(int, Key, AlgorithmParameterSpec, SecureRandom)): When
	param is null, use random or default information when possible.
	(engineInit(int, Key, SecureRandom)): Seperate common initialization
	logic into engineInitHandler and reuse the code in
	engineInit(int, Key, AlgorithmSpec, SecureRandom).
	(engineInitHandler): New method.

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