[cp-patches] RFC: java2d benchmarking

Thomas Fitzsimmons fitzsim at redhat.com
Fri Jun 16 20:31:45 UTC 2006


Francis Kung wrote:

> 2006-06-16  Francis Kung  <fkung at redhat.com>
> 	* examples/gnu/classpath/examples/swing/Demo.java:
> 	(mkButtonBar): rename FillRect to JNIOverhead

ChangeLog entries should start with a capital and end with a period:

	* examples/gnu/classpath/examples/swing/Demo.java:
	(mkButtonBar): Rename FillRect to JNIOverhead.

>      panel.add(new JButton(new PopupAction("Theme Editor",
>                                        MetalThemeEditor.createDemoFactory())));
>      panel.add(new JButton(new PopupAction("Paint Performance",

This string should be "JNI Overhead" too.

Otherwise this looks good.  Please commit.


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