[cp-patches] RFA: More JMenu Constructor Regressions

Tania Bento tbento at redhat.com
Tue Jun 20 21:31:12 UTC 2006


Again, the constructor mauve test for JMenu that I wrote had many
constructor regressions.  One of them caused me to look more closely at
the remove(int) method and make a couple of changes.  I have committed a
mauve test for these changes (remove.java).  Could someone please
approve this patch so that I can commit it.  Thanks.

Here is the Changelog entry:

2006-06-20  Tania Bento  <tbento at redhat.com>

        * javax/swing/JMenu.java
        (remove): An IllegalArgumentException should be thrown if
        either index < 0 or if index > 0 and there are no menu
        components. Also, a check was added that ensures there are
        menu components before removing the desired the component.

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