[cp-patches] RFA: Window.java

Roman Kennke roman at kennke.org
Thu Jun 22 21:15:49 UTC 2006

Hi Tania,

> The invalidate() method should be called within the hid() method of
> Window.java.  This now causes Harmony's
> testDispse(test.java.awt.WindowRTest) to pass on Classpath.

Some quick testing shows that invalidate() isn't called from hide() in
the RI, at least not directly from the hide() method. ATM we do call
invalidate() on the parent of a component in Component.hide() and iirc
this is correct. You can test this by subclassing Window and overriding
hide() and invalidate() to print the stacktrace, to find out that hide()
doesn't call invalidate() directly.

I am nitpicking here, because I have seen very strange bugs and/or
performance issues popping up by messing around with invalidate() at the
wrong places, sorry.


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