[cp-patches] RFC: GConf updates

Mario Torre neugens at limasoftware.net
Thu Jun 22 22:20:02 UTC 2006


I've checked this twice, but given the kind of update I suggest to give
another look at it, so this is also a RFA.

This release contains a couple of fixes, most important it adds explicit
tests in the GConf native layer so that an invalid key does not results
in a crash.
I have added also some new javadoc comments and fixed some old ones.
I have also updated the default path for user nodes from /apps/java
to /apps/classpath.

If you think this is fine, please commit for me, as I don't have write
access to the CVS.


2006-06-22  neugens  <neugens at limasoftware.net>
    * native/jni/gconf-peer/GConfNativePeer.c:
    Fixed indentation to be more compliant to the GNU coding guidelines.

    Added explicit test for errors in the GConf backend.

    Added explicit test for errors in the GConf backend. Fixed
    Fault when non valid key names are given as input.


    Added explicit test for errors in the GConf backend.
    * gnu/java/util/prefs/gconf/GConfNativePeer.java:
    Added javadoc comments for all native methods.
    (nodeExist): removed test to check for valid absolute path name for
    (startWatchingNode): likewise.
    (stopWatchingNode): likewise.
    (setString): likewise, plus fixed javadoc comments.
    (unset): likekwise.
    (getKey): likewise.
    (getKeys): likewise, also fixed javadoc comments.
    (getChildrenNodes): likewise.
    * gnu/java/util/prefs/GConfBasedPreferences.java:
    changed DEFAULT_USER_ROOT to /apps/classpath.
    (constructor): Test to check for a valid absolute path for nodes is
    in the contructor for that node, instead of being on each method of
    (getGConfKey): removed empty new line.

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