[cp-patches] RFA: TextField

Tania Bento tbento at redhat.com
Fri Jun 23 15:29:50 UTC 2006


One of the constructors of this class takes a string and then sets the
number of columns to be equal to the length of that string.  If the
string passed was null, this would cause a NPE.  I have fixed this.
Now, it checks if the string is null and if it is, it will set the
number of columns to 0.  

This patch is based on Harmony's

Could someone please approve this.  Thanks.


2006-06-23  Tania Bento  <tbento at redhat.com>

        * java/awt/TextField.java
        (TextField): Check if the string passed is null. If it is,
        set columns to 0, else columns is set to the length of
        the string.

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