[cp-patches] FYI: few fixes to the JCE adapter classes

Raif S. Naffah raif at swiftdsl.com.au
Wed Jun 28 11:24:30 UTC 2006

hello all,

the attached patch --already committed-- fixes few problems reported
by Christian.

a new Mauve test gnu.testlet.gnu.javax.crypto.jce.TestOfDHKeyAGreement2
was added to show the problems and validate the fix.

2006-06-28  Raif S. Naffah  <raif at swiftdsl.com.au>

	* gnu/javax/crypto/key/dh/GnuDHPublicKey.java (str): New field.
	(toString): New method.
	* gnu/javax/crypto/key/dh/GnuDHPrivateKey.java (str): New field.
	(toString): New method.
	* gnu/javax/crypto/key/dh/GnuDHKey.java (str): New field.
	(toString): New method.
	* gnu/javax/crypto/key/dh/DHKeyPairPKCS8Codec.java (encodePrivateKey):
	Handle case when Q is null.
	(decodePrivateKey): Likewise.
	* gnu/javax/crypto/key/dh/DHKeyPairX509Codec.java (encodePublicKey):
	(decodePublicKey): Likewise.
	* gnu/javax/crypto/jce/GnuCrypto.java (run): Added AlgorithmParameters
	aliases for all block ciphers.
	* gnu/javax/crypto/jce/DiffieHellmanImpl.java (result): Changed to byte[].
	(engineDoPhase): Compute fully the shared secret.
	(checkState): New method.
	(reset): Likewise.
	(engineGenerateSecret()): Reset key-agreement before returning.
	(engineGenerateSecret(byte[],int)): Check for short-buffer.
	Reset key-agreement before returning.
	(engineGenerateSecret(String)): Reset key-agreement before returning.
	(engineInit(Key,SecureRandom)): Call reset() before returning.
	* gnu/javax/crypto/jce/params/BlockCipherParameters.java (log): New field.
	(engineInit): Replace printing to System.out with conditional logging.
	* gnu/javax/crypto/jce/cipher/CipherAdapter.java (engineInitHandler):
	When the key-size is not specified, attempt best effort to find a suitable
	value among those advertised by the cipher before setting it to the length
	of provided key material.

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