[cp-patches] X/Escher peers

Roman Kennke roman at kennke.org
Thu Jun 29 09:35:58 UTC 2006

Hi Casey,

> Oh, and also, why can't we include the Escher source in external/? It  
> sounds to me like it needs to be forked anyway (especially if it's  
> going to get Xauthority handling, which it definitely needs). Is the  
> author even working on it any more?

Escher is an external library, just like GTK or Qt. Only that it happens
to be programmed in Java. The original author isn't actively working on
it atm. BUT I do, and he made me co-maintainer of Escher. I already did
a couple of fixes to get the X peers working and will do a realease

I agree, having this in external/ would make things easier, but it seems
a cleaner approach to handle it like other libs that we depend on. What
do others think?

Cheers, Roman

“Improvement makes straight roads, but the crooked roads, without
Improvement, are roads of Genius.” - William Blake
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