[cp-patches]: RFA: TextArea and TextComponent fixes

Tania Bento tbento at redhat.com
Fri Jun 30 18:48:14 UTC 2006


Based on David Gilbert's comments and suggestions, I have made these
modifcations.  I have also committed mauve tests for these changes.

If someone could please approve/comment on this patch, that would be


2006-06-30  Tania Bento  <tbento at redhat.com>

	* java/awt/TextArea.java:
	(TextArea(String, int, int, int)): No longer throws
IllegalArgumentException if rows, columns, or scrollbarVisibility values
are invalid.  
	(TextArea(String, int, int, int)): If rows or columns are < 0, they get
set to 0.  If scrollbarVisibility is < 0 or > 4, it gets set to the
default value of 0 (SCROLLBARS_BOTH).
	(appendText): Added case when peer = null.
	(insertText): Added case when peer == null.
	(replaceText): Added case when peer == null.
	* java/awt/TextComponent.java:
	(TextComponent(String)): If text == null, set it to "".
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