[cp-patches] RFA: Native cairo benchmarking

Francis Kung fkung at redhat.com
Fri Jun 30 19:12:00 UTC 2006


As Tom Fitzsimmons suggested, I've created a native cairo benchmark
using GTK to compare our Java implementation with (I'll post the results
to the classpath list in a minute).

Using a GTK widget, the benchmark tests some of the basic java2d
operations (draws/fills on arcs, curves, lines, and rectangles) - the
implementation itself is identical to the java implementation, using
code modified from the java2d peers, so this is essentially a test of
JNI overhead.

As this patch modifies the make files, I'd appreciate it if someone
could look it over and approve it for commit.


2006-06-30  Francis Kung  <fkung at redhat.com>

	* configure.ac (AC_CONFIG_FILES): Add examples/Makefile.java2d.
	* examples/.cvsignore: Add Makefile.java2d.
	* examples/Makefile.am: Add EXAMPLE_CH_FILES for C headers.
	(ALL_EXAMPLE_FILES): Add C headers.
	(install-data-local): Add Makefile.java2d.
	(uninstall-local): Likewise.
	(EXTRA_DIST): Add Makefile.java2d.in.
	* examples/Makefile.java2d.in: New file.
	* examples/README: Add java2d instructions.
	* examples/gnu/classpath/examples/java2d/bench.c: New file.
	* examples/gnu/classpath/examples/java2d/bench.h: New file.

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