[cp-patches] FYI: X peers

Raif S. Naffah raif at swiftdsl.com.au
Fri Jun 30 23:24:09 UTC 2006

hello Roman,

On Friday 30 June 2006 01:27, Roman Kennke wrote:
> I checked in the Escher-based X peers and added some configury for
> enabling it. To build the X peers you need the most recent Escher
> library, to be found here:
> http://kennke.org/~roman/escher-0.3.0.jar
> Configure with: --with-escher=/path/to/escher-0.3.0.jar
> --enable-local-sockets

would it make sense to create a new folder, say "external-jars" and 
include the latest escher (and other java-only external dependencies) 
jar(s) there.  --with-escher can use that jar/location by default, 
otherwise the full path to a distro's/user's location of that jar can 
be fed to configure.

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