[cp-patches] RFC: URL fix.

Chris Burdess dog at bluezoo.org
Wed Mar 1 16:47:33 UTC 2006

David Daney wrote:
> We also have to take into consideration the behavior of Sun's  
> implementation.  Given what you say above, the fine engineers at  
> Sun should be shaking in their boots.

It's a particularly nasty API.

> Also RFC 2396 section 3 seems to explicitly allow for a ':' in the  
> specification to be appended to the context.
> Given that it is explicitly allowed to have a ':' how would you  
> handle this?

Given enough rope to hang myself, I would say that it always appends  
and never overrides, and make this explicit in the API specification.  
However, this will cause lots of working code to break. So we do what  
Sun does, warts and all.
犬 Chris Burdess
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