[cp-patches] FYI: Swing demo themes switch

Roman Kennke roman at kennke.org
Wed Mar 15 11:45:21 UTC 2006

Hi David,

> >>>I removed the start dialog from the Swing demo and replaced it with a new
> >>>menu, called 'Themes' which allows the user to switch themes. ATM
> >>>there are only 2 themes (the 2 official ones: the DefaultMetalTheme, or
> >>>'Steel', and the JDK5 OceanTheme).
> >>>
> >>> 
> >>>
> >>>      
> >>>
> >>Great!  I wanted to try this out, but the Demo currently gives me this 
> >>exception before I see the main window come up:
> >>    
> >>
> >
> >This is fixed by the attached patch. However, I still have problems with
> >the menu painting and Mark reported disappearing menu items (which is
> >really weird). When you get something running, maybe you can report if
> >you see any of these problems?
> >  
> >
> I'm seeing the problems with the menus, and also the internal frames on 
> the 'Desktop World' are not responding to mouse events too well...

Try reverting Lillian's recent Container.addImpl patch and see if that
solves your problems. At least for me it did.


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Improvement, are roads of Genius.” - William Blake
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