[cp-patches] RFC: DecimalFormat and friends (part 3)...

Mario Torre neugens at limasoftware.net
Tue Oct 3 11:35:57 UTC 2006

The current update fixes a couple of issues and almost all the remaining
mauve tests.

There is still lack for the Iterator, and a failure for an exponential

I'm working on the latter, but everything else now should work.

Please, let me know!!!!!!!

> 2006-09-29  Mario Torre  <neugens at limasoftware.net>
> 	PR28462
> 	* java/text/DecimalFormat.java: Almost new rewrite, and update to 1.5.
> 	* java/text/DecimalFormatSymbols.java (clone): fixed to also clones
> 	locale.
> 	* java/text/NumberFormat.java (format): all format methods, fixed
> 	FieldPosition argument should never be null.
> 	(format(Object, StringBuffer, FieldPosition)): fixed signature, method
> is
> 	not final.
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