[cp-patches] RFC: PR Classpath/28664 - GNU MP based BigInteger take2 (compressed)

Raif S. Naffah admin at naffah-raif.name
Sun Oct 8 09:34:01 UTC 2006

hello all,

the attached proposed patch addresses the above and incorporates Jeroen 
Frijters pattern for native implementation using native memory.

the related ChangeLog entry will look like so:

2006-10-08  Raif S. Naffah  <classpath at naffah-raif.name>

	PR Classpath/28664
	* INSTALL: Added documentation about GNU MP.
	* configure.ac: Add support for configuring GNU MP.
	* native/jni/Makefile.am: Include java-math directory if required.
	* native/jni/java_math/.cvsignore: New file.
	* native/jni/java_math/Makefile.am: Likewise.
	* native/jni/java_math/java_math_BigInteger.c: Likewise.
	* native/jni/java_math: New folder.
	* include/java_math_BigInteger.h: New file.
	* java/math/BigInteger.java: Added support for native methods.
	* gnu/classpath/Configuration.java.in (WANT_NATIVE_BIG_INTEGER): New field.

ok to commit?

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