[cp-patches] FYI: BufferedImage default types

Francis Kung fkung at redhat.com
Thu Oct 19 20:45:47 UTC 2006


This patch corrects some of the default image types in BufferedImage, so
that they use the right ColorModels and SampleModels.

A supporting Mauve test has been committed.

Also included is a tiny fix to BufferedImageGraphics with huge results;
it now recognises the INT_RGB image type and optimizes it properly,
resulting in a huge speedup (see PR 29510).


2006-10-19  Francis Kung  <fkung at redhat.com>

	PR 29510
	* java/awt/image/BufferedImage.java
	(constructor): Updated some properties of default image types.
	* gnu/java/awt/peer/gtk/BufferedImageGraphics.java
	(argb32): Updated field to match default in BufferedImage.

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