[cp-patches] FYI: Font substitution

Francis Kung fkung at redhat.com
Mon Apr 2 21:28:44 UTC 2007

> I've run through a number of tests and have not noticed any regressions 
> in performance or functionality, but please let me know if there are any 
> problems.

That didn't take long.  This patch clears up a null pointer exception 
introduced by the last patch.


2007-04-02  Francis Kung  <fkung at redhat.com>

	* gnu/java/awt/peer/gtk/FreetypeGlyphVector.java
	(fontSet): Initialize to null.
	(FreetypeGlyphVector(Font, int[], FontRenderContext)): Populate fontSet
	array with default font if needed.
	(FreetypeGlyphVector(FreetypeGlyphVector)): Clone all fields.
	(getNativeFontPointer): New native method.
	* include/gnu_java_awt_peer_gtk_FreetypeGlyphVector.h: Regenerated.
	* native/jni/gtk-peer/gnu_java_awt_peer_gtk_FreetypeGlyphVector.c
	New function.

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