[cp-patches] FYI: Fix --enable-collections

Mark Wielaard mark at klomp.org
Fri Apr 6 15:54:57 UTC 2007


This fixes --enable-collections by adding the new java.util classes and
by using Iterators explicitly (not through the enhanced for-loop which
only works with java.lang.Iterable). But I am not sure it really makes
sense to keep this supported. Could someone that uses it test that it
still works as expected?

2007-04-06  Mark Wielaard  <mark at klomp.org>

        * lib/mkcollections.pl.in: Add externalclasses.
        * java/util/Collections.java: Unroll enhanced for loops.
        * java/util/HashMap.java: Likewise.
        * java/util/Hashtable.java: Likewise.
        * java/util/TreeMap.java: Likewise.


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