[cp-patches] FYI: Shape rendering

Roman Kennke roman at kennke.org
Mon Jan 1 23:32:23 UTC 2007

This replaces the shape renderer in AbstractGraphics2D by a completely
new and much more efficient implementation. This:

- Renders Shape objects without any allocations at all, except some
initial stuff that is kept around for reuse.
- Uses 32 bit fixed point arithmethics for all calculations.
- Avoid some allocations in AbstractGraphics2D initialization.

According to some (micro) benchmarks [1] this is much faster than
before. Together with Cacao and my (unreleased) Escher peers it's even
almost 4x as fast as the cairo peers with Cairo 1.2.4 and JDK6 (which is
very close to our Cairo implementation). (JDK5 beats everything by
lengths still. dunno what they did in JDK6, the performance of their
shape renderer seems horrible compared to how fast it's been before).

2007-01-02  Roman Kennke  <roman at kennke.org>

	* gnu/java/awt/java2d/AbstractGraphics2D.java
	(FONT): New constant field. This is the default font to use as long
	as nothing else is set.
	(paintContext): New field. Temporarily stores the paint context.
	(scanlineConverters): New field. Stores the scanline converters
	for each thread.
	(shapeCache): Genericified.
	(STANDARD_HINTS): New constant field. The standard rendering hints
	as long as nothing else is set.
	(STANDARD_STROKE): New constant field. The standard stroke as long
	as nothing else is set.
	(static_initializer): Initialize standard hints.
	(AbstractGraphics2D): Use constant fields for hints and stroke.
	(drawGlyphVector): Use simpler method to draw the outline.
	(fillScanline): Use paintContext field.
	(fillShape): Use new ScanlineConverter to fill shapes.
	(fillShapeAntialias): Removed. This will be done in fillShape.
	(fillShapeImpl): Removed. This is done now in the ScanlineConverter
	(getScanlineConverter): New method. Returns the scanline converter
	for each thread.
	(getSegments): Removed. This is now implemented in ScanlineConverter.
	(getShapeCache): Use genericified shapeCache field.
	(init): Use fixed default font. Don't fetch destination raster here.
	* gnu/java/awt/java2d/ActiveEdges.java: New class. Stores a set
	of active edges for scanline conversion.
	* gnu/java/awt/java2d/PolyEdge.java
	(poolNext): Implements linked list for edge pool.
	(scanlineNext): Implements linked list for scanline edge lists.
	(slope): Use fixed point decimal.
	(slope,x0,y0,x1,y1,xIntersection): Use fixed point decimal.
	(PolyEdge()): New constructor.
	(PolyEdge): Use fixed point decimals.
	(init): Use fixed point decimals.
	(intersect): New method. Intersects this edge with a scanline.
	* gnu/java/awt/java2d/Scanline.java: New class. A list of edges
	for a scanline plus utilities.
	* gnu/java/awt/java2d/ScanlineConverter.java: New class. Implements
	an efficient scanline converter for rendering Shape objects.


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