[cp-patches] gtk+ AWT Toolkit.getLockingKeyState() implementation

Mark Wielaard mark at klomp.org
Wed Jan 3 22:48:43 UTC 2007


This patch was in our bugzilla for a long time and Cameron's paperwork
was on file already. Sorry this took so long Cameron. The patch
implements the key lock state support in the gtk+ awt Toolkit. This is
needed for Batik's DOM UIEvents. BTW Batik's Squiggle SVG browser seems
to work pretty nicely.
2007-01-03  Cameron McCormack  <cam at mcc.id.au>

    Fixes bug #29246
    * java/awt/Toolkit.java (getLockingKeyState): Use AWTUtilities
    isValidKey method. Throw UnsupportedOperationException on a valid
    key (for which no locking state can be given).
    * gnu/java/awt/AWTUtilities.java (isValidKey): New method.
    * gnu/java/awt/peer/gtk/GtkToolkit.java (getLockingKeyState): New
    * native/jni/gtk-peer/gnu_java_awt_peer_gtk_GtkToolkit.c
    (Java_gnu_java_awt_peer_gtk_GtkToolkit_getLockState): New method.
    * include/gnu_java_awt_peer_gtk_GtkToolkit.h: Regenerated.


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