[cp-patches] Re: PATCH: PR libjava/32078: Update libtool in classpath

Andrew Haley aph-gcc at littlepinkcloud.COM
Tue May 29 10:25:38 UTC 2007

Andreas Schwab writes:
 > Andrew Haley <aph-gcc at littlepinkcloud.COM> writes:
 > > libtool in classpath is imported from upstream, so importing it here
 > > would be a fork.
 > The classpath copy in gcc has never used the imported libtool, but
 > rather a copy of the common gcc libtool.  See libjava/HACKING.

Ah, OK.  So, Classpath divergence isn't a problem, but divergence from
upstream libtool is.  

I'm not sure we should get into putting class files into autoconf
scripts, though.  I'm minded simply to accept HJ's patch rather than
do that.


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