[cp-patches] FYI: CopyOnWriteArrayList fixlets

Mario Torre neugens at limasoftware.net
Fri Nov 23 21:28:56 UTC 2007

I'm committing this one. It fixes few methods on CopyOnWriteArrayList
and also improves performances in a couple of points (not much, to be

Mauve tests will follow shortly.


2007-11-23  Mario Torre  <neugens at limasoftware.net>

	* java/util/concurrent/CopyOnWriteArrayList.java: 
	Added javadoc.
	(serialVersionUID): new field. 
	(iterator): new method, override from base class.
	(remove): likewise.
	(listIterator): likewise.
	(removeAll): likewise.
	(retainAll): likewise.
	(contains): fixed typo in javadoc.
	(addIfAbsent): added javadoc.
	(addAllAbsent): Rewrite to improve performance. Also add javadoc.

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