[cp-patches] RFC: changes to java.lang.Integer, Long...

David Daney ddaney at avtrex.com
Mon Apr 14 16:05:18 UTC 2008

Ian Rogers wrote:
> Hi,
> please give your comments on the attached patch. It tries to reduce the 
> size of char[] for strings used to hold numbers. It changes Float/Double 
> equals to use bit based comparisons rather than division. It increases 
> the use of valueOf methods. It adds a cache of values from -128 to 127 
> for Long. It adds a cache of the values of zero and one to Float and 
> Double.
> The string size is an estimate. For decimal numbers it will divide the 
> value repeatedly by 8, causing the string length to be over estimated by 
> a character for values like 999. This string size is still better than 
> the current estimate of 33 characters. It also avoids the use of 
> division (shifts are used) and/or lookup tables.

I would like to know your motivation for doing this.  Do you have any 
evidence that this will reduce memory usage and speed up real applications?

That said, in our gcj-3.4 based application, we had to create a cache of 
Integers because we were creating large numbers of them all with a small 
set of values.

So in principle this could be a good approach, but I don't know if we 
can assume that there is universal benefit from a patch like this.  Can 
you point to any benchmarks where this helps?

David Daney

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