[cp-patches] FYI: Fix unmappable case in ByteDecodeLoopHelper/ByteEncodeLoopHelper

Robert Schuster r.schuster at tarent.de
Wed Sep 3 23:57:53 UTC 2008

the attached patch fixes the way ByteDecodeLoopHelper and
ByteEncodeLoopHelper deal with the situation of unmappable characters:
With the attached patch the method really returns with a CoderResult
indicating unmappable characters. The former variant overwrote the
return value with either CoderResult.UNDERFLOW or CoderResult.OVERFLOW.

I found and debugged this problem while using mysql connector/j.



2008-09-04  Robert Schuster  <robertschuster at fsfe.org>

    * gnu/java/nio/charset/ByteDecodeLoopHelper:
    (arrayDecodeLoop): Added new break label, escape to that label.
    * gnu/java/nio/charset/ByteEncodeLoopHelper:
    (arrayDecodeLoop): Added new break label, escape to that label.

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