[cp-patches] Fwd: Patch for parse() of DecimalFormat and SimpleDateFormat

Pekka Enberg penberg at kernel.org
Mon Dec 6 22:19:57 UTC 2010

2010/12/6 Ivan Maidanski <ivmai at mail.ru>:
>> Googling around doesn't seem to bring anything on the topic which
>> makes me think this is an old bug that nobody really cares about but
>> there can be applications out there that rely on the current behavior
>> that would be broken under GNU Classpath.
> Not would - is broken now. The patch would make it "less" broken. (returning 4 digits for the test case is definitely wrong here) Why not to fix this first (a long with the other bugs fixed by the proposed patch) and then think (discuss with the community) should we remove "stop" position calculation or not (if yes then prepare a separate small patch for it).

I meant applications relying on the current behavior of OpenJDK so
it's probably not worth it to make the behavior "correct" in either of
the projects. But sure, I do think your patch is an improvement as-is
so I'm for merging your patch even with the stop position calculation
(that I think needs to go at some point).

Is there some GNU Classpath maintainer around who agrees or disagrees
with the patch? What can we do to make the patch more palatable for


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