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ciao Mario,

On Friday 04 August 2006 20:29, Mario Torre wrote:
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> For the configure patch (any non trivial commit), I need approval so I
> have not committed it also.
> I wait feedback :)

i'm attaching another alternative to the default-preferences-peer option which 
covers all existing three alternatives for the preferences factory 
implementation we already have, plus allows for different/new ones if we 
decide not to refer to them symbolically.

i tested configure:

* without the option altogether,
* with just enable-default-preferences-peer,
* with enable-default-preferences-peer=file, and
* with

and they all do the right thing; i.e. the java.utils.prefs.PreferencesFactory 
file in META-INF/services/ contains the correct class name.

the help string makes it clear what the acceptable values for this option are:

  --enable-default-preferences-peer=peer type or class name
                          specify one of: "gconf" [default] for a GConf based
                          backend, "file" for a file based one, "memory" for a
                          transient one, or a fully qualified class name
                          implementing java.util.prefs.PreferencesFactory

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