Running JOnAS 4.7.4 that uses 1.5 features

Robert Lougher rob.lougher at
Wed Aug 9 09:52:38 UTC 2006


On 8/9/06, Gary Benson <gbenson at> wrote:
> Audrius Meskauskas wrote:
> > JOnAS also failed to load the JacORB CORBA implementation via our
> > org.omg classes. Despite our ObjectCreator.forName searches the
> > thread context class loader and then walks through the stack, trying
> > the class loader of every class there, the jacorb.jar is still
> > missing in the path of all tried loaders (I have checked with the
> > .toString() method of our class loader - is lists all files in the
> > path). I have no idea from where the JacORB classes should be loaded
> > (the jacorb.jar itself is present in JOnAS distribution).
> I think I hit something similar in the never-released Fedora JOnAS:
> I had to write a little a hack to ram jacorb.jar onto the classpath.
> I suspect we're missing something in the way we deal with endorsed
> classes.
> Cheers,
> Gary

Can you check JOnAS's startup scripts to see whether it is setting
java.endorsed.dirs on the command line passed to the VM?  If it is,
the contents of the directory (or directories) should be added to the
bootclasspath, and loaded via the boot loader.  However, as Christian
pointed out last week, JamVM 1.4.3 doesn't support java.endorsed.dirs.
 This is now fixed, and is available from anonymous CVS
(  Instructions are here:

The modulename is jamvm.



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