A wonderful group of people

Mark Wielaard mark at klomp.org
Mon Aug 14 20:52:03 UTC 2006

Hi all,

The last release was the best release ever (as always!).
I am always amazed how smoothly our development process is and how we
seem to push out increasingly cooler code each and every time.
Especially considering we have not all seen each other face-to-face. If
you are curious who some of the other hackers are take a look at:

This features just a fraction of our hackers:
Aaron M. Renn (1) Alex Lancaster (14) Andreas Tobler (3) Andrew Cowie
(18) Andrew Haley (40,64) Andrew John Hughes (31) Andrew Overholt (38)
Andy Walter (49) Anthony Balkissoon (45) Anthony Green (34) Archie Cobbs
(44) Arnaud Vandyck (5,28) Audrius Meskauskas (32) Brian Jones (2) Bryce
McKinlay (22) Casey Marshall (51) Chris Burdess (30) Chris Gray (66)
Christian Thalinger (33) Dalibor Topic (37,69) David Gilbert (42) Egon
Willighagen (52) Fernando Nasser (25) Francis Kung (48) Gary Benson
(43,24) graydon hoare (20) Grzegorz B. Prokopski (36,62) Ingo Proetel
(35) Jeffrey Morgan (54) Jeroen Frijters (29,61) Jim Huang (8) Jim Pick
(7,63) Jochen Hoenicke (19) John Keiser (12) Keith Seitz (23) Lillian
Angel (56) Mario Torre (53) Mark Wielaard (10,55,60) Michael Koch (47)
Nic Ferrier (4) Patrik Reali (13,70) Ranjit Mathew (17) Robert Lougher
(26,59) Robert Schuster (11,57) Roman Kennke (41) Sascha Brawer (6,67)
Stephane Meslin-Weber (16,65) Steven Augart (50) Stuart Ballard (15)
Sven de Marothy (46,27) Thomas Fitzsimmons (21) Tom Tromey (9,39,68)
Wolfgang Baer (58)

Obviously this is just a small selection of all the contributors. The
FSF records for GNU Classpath list more than 120 individuals and/or
company contributors. We didn't have pictures of everybody. Please do
send me one if you are missing!



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