GNU Classpath 0.92 runs JShisen

theUser BL theuserbl at
Tue Aug 15 14:29:27 UTC 2006

Classpath 0.92 with JamVM 1.4.3 is now the first OpenSource-Java 
implementation, which run JShisen

There are minor bugs, that the direct line between the stones are also drawn 
and so. But it workes!

I like JShisen. It isn't OpenSource, but free of charge. And if anybody want 
to try it with Classpath. Try it.

One of the minor problems is, that JamVM, don't accept in the META-file a 
"Main-Class: package/Program". It needs a "Main-Class: package.Program". So 
you must edit the META-file of JShisen or type with the "-cp" option.


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