Bringing License arguments to Sun

theUser BL theuserbl at
Sat Aug 19 18:57:22 UTC 2006

Sun's Chief Open Source Officer Simon Phipps alias webmink
wrotes, that he have still not decided, which OpenSource license will be 
used for Suns Java.

He wrote:

" To be clear, I've not expressed a preference for any particular license 
yet. In fact, I think it's still unclear which of my license categories most 
applies to the Java platform. I'm reading everything that's being written by 
commentators from the various Java communities, however, and I'm keen for 
Sun to make license choices that create the best future for us all. I've 
discussed this further in my blog at 

So to all of the OpenSource-Java folks:
If you prefer a special license or a special license form and you have 
reasons, why you think, that your prefered license would be the best for 
Java, then write it at Suns OpenSource JDK forum at

Actually is still the time, where you can influence, which license Suns Java 
will have.


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