Bringing License arguments to Sun

Simon Phipps webmink at
Sun Aug 20 10:27:14 UTC 2006

On Aug 20, 2006, at 09:54, Chris Gray wrote:

> +1 to Stefano Mazzocchi:

Noted, thanks.  (and edited so I am making fair use of your  
copyrighted material - I don't want to get sued...)

>  The specs should be
> licensed in a way that is compatible with the requirements of  
> standards
> bodies such as ISO, ANSI, ECMA, even if Sun doesn't intend to head  
> that way
> just yet.

Keep in mind that Sun doesn't get to decide this any more, it's up to  
the JCP, and there are plenty of voices other than Sun who would  
likely oppose this. While I sympathise, open sourcing Sun's Java  
implementations has nothing to do with the JCP and is made possible  
by the JCPA 2.5 and later.


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