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Roman Kennke roman at
Thu Jun 8 19:51:49 UTC 2006

FYI: I am working on a set of AWT peers on top of Escher (an X11
protocol impl in pure java). It has no dependencies at all, except for
an X server running somewhere on the net (localhost for best performance
of course). Headless mode could easily be supported by this, even
without X server then. The drawing is all performed in Java (so far),
which doesn't give best performance, but should be sufficient for the
occasional chart. Even fonts are handled all in Java.

However, this work is far from beeing complete. At the moment it is
carried out outside of GNU Classpath because of the dependency to
Escher. If there is interest, we could include it (with Escher going
into external/ ). Most stuff is already implemented. The most important
missing piece for now is proper font hinting, so if anybody is
knowledgable in that area and wants to help, please ping me. I try to
polish up the current code and upload it somewhere for public review

Cheers, Roman

Am Mittwoch, den 31.05.2006, 15:21 +0200 schrieb Juerg Lehni:
> I was reading about the Java2D rewrite and was wondering if there is  
> more information about this available now.
> 000020.html
> I assume this is the work on the new CairoGraphics2D. Will this  
> support headless mode? Will it still rely on Gtk, or be seperated  
> from it? At the moment my gcj setup on OS X does not seem to support  
> the java.awt.headless=true switch (gcj 4.1.1, classpath 0.20).
> For the use in server environments, classpath should support Java2D  
> in headless mode, without relying on any Gtk libraries, just Cairo.
> Is this planed?
> Jürg
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