JNode 0.2.3 Released

Martin Husted Hartvig hagar at jnode.org
Thu Mar 2 08:02:35 UTC 2006

The JNode team is proud to announce the release of the version 0.2.3 of  
the JNode.org operating system.
JNode.org is an open source java OS written fully in java (with a very  
small assembler nano-kernel).

This release focused on stabilizing JNode.
Screenshots are available here: http://www.jnode.org/node/132

New features & improvements in this release are:

Many classpath patches
Improvements in AWT, Swing and desktop support
Various bugfixes in the JIT compiler, ISO9660 support, JIFS
Better support for testing JNode with Mauve (mauve plugins, invoker  

More information can be found at http://www.jnode.org

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