Philippe Laporte philippe.laporte at gatespacetelematics.com
Wed Mar 29 21:51:38 UTC 2006

     Only OSGi members can have the TCK.

You already pass our internal suite.

We need to produce reproducers or something. Then have a VM, Classpath 
mutlidimensional matrix with versions, arch, and GUI-toolkits.

At this point testing and configuring is much more convenient for us.

We have our eyes on the Classpath AWT as a CDC OSGi core framework 
component. GTK+ support is vital to us as it means pre-integration into 
the Maemo environment.

I'd personally like to see the Biss-TVT AWT rescucitated. The thing 
draws on the Linux frame buffer without GTK. This is great for embedded. 
Does everyone know where that code is?

Is there a licensing hurdle here?

Best Regards,

Philippe Laporte

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Tom Tromey wrote:

>>>>>>"Philippe" == Philippe Laporte <philippe.laporte at gatespacetelematics.com> writes:
>Philippe> We are currently looking into how to best communicate to you
>Philippe> the results of our OSGi TCK runs with Knopflerfish,
>Philippe> Classpath and various VMs.
>How about: get the results down to a manageable number (zero :-) by
>hand, then auto-report regressions?
>The first step would involve investigating the failures by hand and
>filing bug reports.  If there are enough bugs we could have a meta-bug
>for these, or something like that, so that people can easily know the
>status of the project.
>The second step would involve having an auto-tester which sends out
>email whenever there is a regression.  (Perhaps if the regression is
>only seen on one VM, the email could be sent only to that VM's list?)
>If Knopflerfish and its TCK are easy to get, we could run this as
>part of the automatic build on builder.classpath.org.

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