Proposal for a response to SUN's announcement

Nick Hill nick at
Fri Nov 17 18:48:05 UTC 2006

Following a discussion on #classpath IRC at around 6pm BST, we have arrived at a 
potential response to SUNs announcement of the impending release of SUN Java 
under the GPL.

We welcome Sun's announcement of the forthcoming release of Java under the GNU GPL.

Sun's announcement makes Java an excellent choice for cross-platform development 
of Free Software.

We are still digesting the implications of the announcement for the Classpath 
project and have not yet made any firm plans as to the long term future. In the 
meantime, we are focusing on supporting our existing customer base whilst
continuing to improve the best-of-breed packages in Classpath, in readiness for 
the release of the SUN code base.

The reaction of many Classpath developers can be seen on

I'm sure it is not perfect, and is probably overdue.

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